Egg freezing

Egg freezing

Egg freezing and fertility preservation

Egg freezing and fertility preservation are two elements of the in vitro fertilization process. Previously, fertility preservation was for women for whom there was concern that their fertility would be compromised following medical procedures. Today, this solution also serves women who choose to postpone marriage and family to pursue their careers, and so undergo fertility treatments so that they can conceive later in life.

When is the best time to undergo treatments for fertility preservation?

Medically speaking, the best time to conceive is during your early years of fertility. While a woman may not be able, or may not wish, to conceive during that time, conception may be difficult in the future due to the drastic decrease in fertility levels after age 35. Therefore, it is important to plan for fertility preservation in advance and undergo the necessary treatments at a relatively young age.

Success rates

As with natural conception, the success rate of in vitro fertilization treatments that start with fertility preservation is typically about 25 percent. This is an average success rate that can increase or decrease according to the physical, genetic, and mental condition of the couple, and specifically the woman, as well as with other fertility issues they may be facing.

Failures in the process may occur during each of its stages, starting with ovarian stimulation, through egg retrieval, fertilization, and implantation in the womb. An unsuccessful treatment does not mean future treatments will fail; problems may be temporary and occur for various reasons.


Dr. Moshe Royburt

DR. Royburt is a senior doctor in the in vitro fertilization unit at Beilinson; a senior gynecologist who sees patients from all HMOs. With Dr. Royburt, you receive professional, personal consultation tailored to your medical situation, maximizing your chances of advancing to a normal and healthy pregnancy. If you wish to undergo in vitro fertilization and cannot do so via the Israeli health system, contact us!