IVF Treatment at a Private Clinic


Fertility Treatments at a Private Clinic

IVF treatment is one of the most effective solutions for fertility issues facing both men and women. In an IVF treatment, the merging of the sperm and the egg occurs not in the womb, but in the lab, improving the chances for conception. The stages of IVF are as follows:

First stage

First, we induce the production of follicles with eggs, to generate a number of mature eggs. To accomplish this, we stimulate the ovaries, usually with a combination of medicines tailored to each woman, so that there is a large number of follicles in which the eggs will mature.

Second stage

In the second stage, the mature eggs are retrieved from the body. This is done under full anesthetization, and the eggs are retrieved via the vaginal canal, without scarring.

Third stage

After retrieval, the male’s sperm cells are fused with the harvested eggs, and we wait for the development of the embryos in the laboratory.

Fourth stage

A viable embryo is returned to the woman’s womb, with the hope that it successfully implants and develops into a normal pregnancy.

The IVF process may be long and complex, but it maximizes chances for success!

In accordance with the Public Health Insurance Law, couples who have no children from their current marriage, or a woman without children who wishes to start a single-parent family, are entitled to subsidized IVF treatments via the HMOs, up to two children. In many cases, residents who are not citizens, such as the thousands of migrant workers living in Israel, are not entitled to subsidized treatments and use the assistance of private doctors.

Dr. Moshe Roibert is an expert in IVF, with extensive experience in fertility treatments at his private clinic. Contact our clinic for consultation